We've collected together resources that provide information about software, project management and sustainability. If you think we've missed a useful resource, info [at] software [dot] ac [dot] uk (let us know) and we'll add it to these pages.

  • The institute's blog is the best way to keep up to date with what we're working on, what we think about the latest developments and our plans for the future.
  • Top tips are short posts that describe the top five, quick and easy tips to help with software and research
  • Our guides provide detailed advice on everything from better development practices, how to manage your community and even on how to keep lawyers happy.
  • Case studies describe the work we have done for research projects.
  • Videos from our Collaborations Workshop and (soon) on other topics too.
  • How to approach sustainability covers the different approaches to ensuring a future for your software: everything from technical preservation to procastination.
  • Sustainability briefing papers describe how to become sustainable and show some of our work lobbying for sustainability.
  • Conference intelligence brings together reports from conferences and other events that are attended by ourselves and our Agents.
  • Useful resources lists all the useful links that have been found by ourselves and our community.
  • Our introductory powerpoint provides more detail about our work  and case studies.
  • Our flyer is available if you would like a pdf overview of our work.