Oxford boot campThe Software Sustainability Institute offers training services to help researchers to develop both their software development skills and general knowledge. We provide support for a range of activities from coordinating and helping to run training to consulting on curriculum for computational skills for researchers.

Our training services respond to the growing need as researchers are required more frequently to write, or maintain, software, but often receive little formal training in software development. Instead researchers pick up skills in an ad-hoc, self-guided manner. One of the goals of our training services are designed to help researchers strengthen their software development skills.

Our training events can be co-located with conferences and workshops as well as being organised for specific initiatives, collaborations or projects. See our events page for a summary of the training events we have organised.

Aleksandra Pawlik is the training theme lead. For more information about training, please info [at] software [dot] ac [dot] uk (email us).

Developing training in scientific computing skills

We advise on strategy for training essential for developing scientific computational skills. This includes consulting on course structure, curriculum as well as mode of delivery. We provide pointers to high quality training materials to some of which we also regularly contribute. We actively work with the community of trainers in the UK who teach computational skills to researchers. Through collaboration with a number of initiatives focusing on computational training for researchers we make sure that we get the best input and feedback when building our expertise in this area.

Software and Data Carpentry workshops

Software and Data Carpentry initiatives teach researchers software development and data handling skills to help them be more productive and make their research robust and reproducible. Each workshop is a highly-interactive two-day training event which gives researchers an opportunity to gain in essential skills for their research.

We provide advice on the organisation and running of workshops and can help recruit instructors and helpers from Software and Data Carpentry's pool of volunteers. For more details on our collaboration see our Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry pages.

Software training for Centres for Doctoral Training

The Software Sustainability Institute is an EPSRC-approved supplier of training for the Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT). The training packages which we offer to the CDTs are based on the popular and well adopted Software and Data Carpentry training model and curricula.

We also provide advice on the training for CDTs which run deliver their own courses. We help tailor the curriculum and share our experiences in organising workshops and collecting feedback from the trainees.

Online guides and top tips

Our guides provide a wealth of information about myriad aspects of research software development and software sustainability. Our short and snappy top tips provide quick and easy steps to help with your software and research.

The authors of our guides and top tips have first-hand experience in the technologies and tools they discuss. As we collaborate with a number of different projects and initiatives focusing on software in research and best practices for software development, our guides and top tips provide access to a wide range of expertise.

Advice on self-guided training

We provide advice to researchers or groups on the best resources for self-guided training. We can arrange for short follow-up visits to discuss specific aspects of research software development. Through our Fellowship Programme we collect intelligence on the top quality training resources for self-learning across disciplines.

Training assessment

With Software Carpentry, we are always assessing the impact of improving software development training for researchers. 


Surgeries allow researchers to discuss any aspect of research software development and sustainability, publicity, policy, training or best practice, with our team and with each other in a supportive environment. 

Talks and guided discussions

We deliver practical talks in best practice on research software development or sustainability, spanning our many areas of expertiseOur guided discussions bring together researchers, professional software developers, and ourselves, to discuss and explore issues relating to research software development and sustainability. Researchers can discuss problems and solutions, discover new solutions and network. These also allow us to develop greater insight into research software development.