Who do we work with?

ConferencePeople.jpgThe Software Sustainability Institute works with a range of projects - tackling everything from library searches to nuclear fusion.

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Active projects

  • CGPACK - We’re helping to improve the CGPACK microstructure simulations library for new users and developers, automating its build process and helping to design a regression test suite to ensure results correctness. We're also assessing the overall sustainability of the software.
  • MONC - prompting adoption and ongoing development: we're working with EPCC and the Met Office to promote the uptake, and ongoing development, of the Met Office NERC cloud (MONC) model within the atmospheric sciences community. We're assessing how easy it is to deploy MONC, helping set up a MONC virtual machine and advising on setting up resources for engaging with and supporting researchers.
  • QuimP - We're conducting a sustainability assessment of the QuimP cell motility analysis software, community resources and collaboration processes to assist in moving the software to an open development and dual licensing model which would also support commercial exploitation.
  • Clipper - We are conducting a sustainability assessment of the Clipper video and audio clip sharing software, documentation and collaboration processes, to help enhance its longer-term maintenance.
  • APEL - APEL is an HPC accounting tool that collects accounting data from sites participating in the EGI and WLCG infrastructures. The Institute is helping to make the software more reliable and accessible.
  • APES - improving performance and interoperability of chemistry models: together with the EPCC, the Institute is helping to enable key computational chemistry software packages to work together and run on supercomputers such as HECToR (and its upcoming successor ARCHER) to improve modeling performance.
  • INQUIRE - continuing to support multi-developer molecular simulation software: building on our previous collaboration, the Institute is continuing to provide support for AMRMMHD.

Completed projects

We also have a number of partners with whom we collaborate, which you can find here.