Sorrel Harriet

 Sorrel Harriet

Leeds Trinity University


I am currently undertaking research in relation to research software development best practices. My other interests include acoustic simulation and auralisation of noise interventions in urban soundscapes.

My work

I am a senior lecturer at Leeds Trinity University where I lead their BSc Computer Science programme. My past experiences include front-end web development; a PhD in virtual acoustics; teaching computer science in schools; lecturing at Birkbeck and Goldsmiths Colleges (UoL); and a few short stints as an RA, primarily developing web-based research software.

All of these experiences have contributed to my strong interest in research software development practices in academia. I am keen to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what people are working on and how they are working (i.e. their project management processes, software development methodologies etc.) I am also keen to understand how the academic context differs from industry as I believe it could be an important precursor to identifying better ways of working, and, in particular, better ways of collaborative working.

My plan over the course of the SSI fellowship is to collect data in relation to the above and establish a working group which will aim to identify and pilot different approaches to managing software projects in academia. If you are interested in participating please get in touch.

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