Online sustainability evaluation


Online sustainability evaluation

The following evaluation is a short, free, online version of the full sustainability evaluation that the Institute can perform for your project.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which gives you the opportunity to review the main issues that affect the sustainability of your software. At the end of the evaluation, a report will be generated and emailed to you with sustainability advice that is tailored to your project.

All questions are mandatory and need to be completed before you can progress through the evaluation.

What's covered by the online evaluation?

The online evaluation investigates the following areas of your software:

  • What does your software do?

  • Support

  • Documentation

  • Plans for the future

  • Availability of your software

  • Source code structure

  • Open standards

  • Building from source

  • Installing the binary

  • Testing

  • Portability

  • Community

  • Contributor policy

  • Identity

  • Copyright

  • Licences

Professional software evaluation

If you would like the Software Sustainability Institute to conduct a full evaluation of your software, pleaseĀ get in touch. The full sustainability evaluation is a far more extensive and thorough version of the online evaluation, and will result in a detailed report compiled by one of our software experts. The full software evaluation is described in ourĀ software evaluation guide.

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