Malcolm Illingworth

Malcom Illingworth head shotResearch Software Engineer

Malcolm is a Research Software Engineer at the Software Sustainability Institute. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh back in 1989, with a BSc in Electronics and Physics followed by an MSc in Remote Sensing and Image Processing Technology. He joined the Edinburgh Centre for Parallel Computing (EPCC) in 2005. While at EPCC, he has been involved with a number of large EU infrastructure projects, such as DEISA, BonFIRE and EUDAT, as well as designed and implemented database/website solutions for external customers and other departments within the University. Languages and software which he has used or is currently using include C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, R, PERL, javascript, MongoDB, mysql, Oracle PL/SQL. He has also a developing interest in machine learning.

Outside of work, Malcolm enjoys playing the guitar and is a keen scuba diver. His favourite location for diving is the warm clear water around northern Sulawesi in Indonesia where he has been to several times.

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