Amirah Khan

I’m a psychology graduate, currently working as a content writer and editor. Prior to attending university, I studied Computer Science at A-level. I recently completed a neuroscience-based research internship at the University of Oxford, where I learned how to use the UNIX command line, scripting and R. This furthered my understanding of the role programming plays in research. I’m now interested in a career as a Research Software Engineer, where I can combine my interest in code and academic research.

Project Title: Automating Data Manipulation in Spreadsheets using Python Tools.

Project Description

For my project, I am working on manipulating data stored in a set of similarly-structured spreadsheets using Python. This will automate data manipulation that would typically occur manually. In Psychology, it is commonplace to use spreadsheets for data storage and processing. For example, in my research dissertation as an undergraduate, I worked out Inverse Efficiency Scores for a set of reaction times. This was done manually, cell by cell in a spreadsheet. Therefore, the aim of the project is to make such processes automatic, and data manipulation before statistical analysis more efficient.

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