What to attend at the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding

Posted by j.laird on 4 May 2022 - 2:00pm

Our Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding will run from 16 - 27 May, focusing on improving computational and training skills at beginner and intermediate levels. We have a busy programme of workshops and other sessions to get involved in for different experience levels. Find out which activities you should take part in!

The roles mentioned below are to guide you to choosing the sessions that best suit you, but they are not a comprehensive list - find which you most identify with and choose the sessions which suit you.


Session type: Computational Skills

Beginner research coder

A researcher who has begun writing code/software for research, who wants to improve their skills and how to apply them, and needs help understanding some research software-related problems. Recommended sessions:

Intermediate research coder

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) who has begun working on larger, more complex research software projects and is looking at the next steps to improve their skills further to overcome challenges in such projects, particularly around collaborating on research software development in teams. Recommended sessions:

Session type: Training Skills

Training materials creator

Has research software skills and either has prior experience in building materials for knowledge transfer or training (perhaps within local research domain groups or more widely as part of a project), or aspires to do so. Recommended sessions:


Has research software skills and some experience of delivering teaching or training, but aspires to improve their skills to train others. Recommended sessions:

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