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How to present a lightning talk

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How to present a lightning talk

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How to present a lightning talk

Hartree.jpgA lightning talk gives you three minutes (and one slide) to discuss your subject. They are the perfect way to introduce yourself at the workshop and get people talking about the subjects that interest you. You could talk about your work, an idea, a problem or anything that's related to training.

If you would like to present a lightning talk, let us know. You need to provide a title and a sentence or two that describes the talk.

How quick is lightning?

Lightning is pretty quick: three minutes. You are allowed only one slide with no animation. You'll be presenting alongside a countdown timer, so you'll have to keep to time. However, it's amazing how much you can present in three minutes.

If you want more time to investigate your subject, let us know and we can add the topic to our series of break out sessions.

Topics for lightning talks

  1. GOBLET: Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training by Terri Attwood, University of Manchester
  2. DAWN by Mark Basham, DIAMOND
  3. It's not about the spelling by Gillian Law, TechLiterate
  4. Cloud Computing for Research using Windows Azure by Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research
  5. Observations from HPC Midlands by Martin Hamilton, HPC Midlands
  6. The Software Engineering Support Centre by David Worth, STFC 
  7. The Training Marketplace by Claire Devereux, STFC
  8. Summer schools by Claire Devereux, STFC
  9. The Information Literacy Lens by Joy Davidson, DCC
  10. Education vs Training: Lessons from the MSc in HPC by David Henty, EPCC
  11. Sharing effective learning methods by Cath Brooksbank, EBI
  12. SCIDIP-es: training opportunities for learning about data preservation by Shirley Crompton, STFC
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