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Top 10 podcasts on software and open research

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Top 10 podcasts on software and open research

Patricia Herterich

Patricia Herterich

SSI Fellow

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson

SSI fellow

Posted on 27 November 2020

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Top 10 podcasts on software and open research

Posted by j.laird on 27 November 2020 - 9:30am

Phone playing podcastPhoto by Juja Han on Unsplash.

By SSI Fellows Patricia Herterich and Sarah Gibson.

This post is part of our 10 year anniversary series.

Podcasts are an increasingly popular format to consume content and they cover everything from political news and true crime to topics that are close to the hearts of the Software Sustainability Institute community.

Patricia is a compulsive listener (459 days of podcast listening so far!) in almost any situation of life, whereas Sarah uses podcasts to help her sleep and improve her general knowledge (particularly with the Christmas quiz season coming up!). This month, we highlight 10 podcasts that cover software and open research related issues that you might want to add to your playlists. In no particular order:

  1. The Turing Podcast
    This podcast, run by the Alan Turing Institute’s Research Engineering Group, talks all things data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning with a focus on real-time research taking place at the Institute.

  2. RSE stories
    This podcast series tells the stories of the hidden faces of research software engineering. Hosts Vanessa Sochat and Peter Schmidt talk to someone from the RSE community each week and provide an insight into their career so far.

  3. ORION Open Science podcast
    Funded as part of the ORION Open Science project, hosts Luiza Bengtsson, Emma Harris, Zoe Ingram, and their interview guests (including SSI fellows Yo Yehudi, Malvika Sharan, and SSI Community Manager Rachael Ainsworth) explore a range of Open Science practices.

  4. Everything Hertz
    Everything Hertz is a podcast by scientists Dan Quintana and James Heathers. They (and sometimes their guests) discuss various aspects of academia, scientific methodologies and scientific publishing.

  5. Radical Science
    Radical Science (was Science Disrupt) discusses the role science plays in society. The podcast hosts Gemma and Lawrence talk to authors of popular science books, innovators and entrepreneurs that are trying to change academia and the wider science ecosystem.

  6. ReproducibiliTea
    Based on their ReproducibiliTea journal club, hosts Sophia Crüwell, Amy Orben, and Sam Parsons created this podcast to reflect on their experiences trying to push for open and reproducible research. Their conversations with other Early Career Researchers highlight challenges and opportunities to achieve changes in academia.

  7. FLOSS for Science
    The podcast series FLOSS for Science showcases the use of free, libre, and open source software in science. Hosts David Brassard and Patrick Diehl interview scientists on their use of FLOSS in their researcher or developers on their motivation to create software.

  8. Ladybug podcast
    Not explicitly focused on scientific software, the Ladybug podcast features exclusively female voices. Hosts Emma Bostian, Kelly Vaughn, and Ali Spittel discuss various issues in software development and the tech industry.

  9. PolicyViz podcast
    In his PolicyViz podcast, host Jon Schwabish not only discusses data visualisation good practice with his guests, but also data ethics and how to use data to communicate results in science, industry and politics.

  10. Agile Uprising podcast
    The Agile Uprising podcast is hosted by various members of the Agile Uprising network. They discuss frameworks and training courses, agile leadership and new books providing insight into the wide range of agile approaches.

Honourable mentions:

  • Open Science Radio
    This is a mainly German-speaking podcast about Open Science, however, they also record some episodes in English, especially when they are covering conferences such as the Open Science Barcamp or the German version of the RSE conference, de-RSE.

  • Preserve this podcast
    If this list has inspired you to create your own podcast, you should think about sustainability and making sure whatever you create will be around for people to listen to in the future. Preserve this podcast covers everything you need to know in podcast form.

If you have other recommendations, let us know on Twitter at @pherterich and @drsarahlgibson.

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