CW14 Email everything

It's generally quite easy to get people talking, but it's a lot more difficult to record what's been said and then share it with everyone.

You'd expect a technological solution from the Software Sustainability Institute. But what technology? We need something that's easy to use, available to everyone and free. Rather than choose something new and flashy, we're going to use email.

How does it work?

Everyone who attends the workshop will be signed up to the official CW14 mailing list. This means that anything sent to the mailing list will be received by all attendees.

In the spirit of openness, anyone will be allowed to view the email discussions, but only members can send emails.

To view the email discussions, visit the CW14 Google Group. You don't need a Google account to view the Google Group.

Reporting back on discussion sessions

During each discussion session, a Scribe will record the filled-in template in an email, and at the end of the discussion, the Scribe will send that email to the mailing list. This means that everyone will have a record of all of the discussions that take place.

We want the discussions to continue long after the original session, so if you want to comment on an issue raised in a sessionm, simply reply to the relevant email.

For more information, see the reporting back section of the discussion sessions webpage.

Got an idea you want to share, or a question you want to ask?

If you have an idea that you want to share, just send it to the mailing list. If you want to comment on someone else's idea, just reply to their email. The same applies if you want to ask a question - or answer one.

No spam!

We want lots of discussion on the mailing list, so please share your ideas and comments. We don't want spam though, so the mailing list will be locked down to attendees only. In other words, there will be no risk of receiving spam if you sign up to the mailing list.