CW16 Hackday entries and winners

On the Hackday everyone win something but we had special prizes for members of the teams that better matched our criteria.

Prize winners groups

On Collaborations Workshop 2016 we gave Raspberry Pi 3 plus kit containing official case, official psu, 16GB NOOBS microSD card, touch screen, touch screen case, camera module and Astro Pi HAT as first prize and Raspberry Pi 3 plus kit with official case, official psu and 16GB NOOBS microSD card as second prize for each member of the winner group.

Team leaders are in bold.

Winning group: Research software sentiment analyser

Motivating idea, source code and presentation and video.

Research software sentiment analyser team

Team members from left to right:

  • Carl Wilson
  • Raquel Alegre
  • Sinan Shi
  • Gary Macindoe
  • David Perez-Suarez (not on the photo)
  • Olivier Phillipe (not on the photo)

Runners up: MatchMakedemia - Research focussed MatchMaking for local academics + RSE speed dating

Idea, source code and presentation and video.

MatchMakedemia team

Team members from left to right:

  • Olivia Wilson
  • Angus Maidment
  • Anelda van der Walt
  • Rob Dunne

Other groups

Panoramic view of the room during the Hackday

Team leaders are in bold.

Paper Hackathon: Quality Assurance Practices in Research

Motivating Idea and video.

Team members:

  • James Hetherington
  • Oliver Laslett
  • Vince Knight
  • James Davenport
  • Steve Lamerton

How to Write a Comparative Software Review

Motivating Idea, draft and presentation and video.

Team members:

  • Ross Mounce
  • Richard Domander
  • Neil Chue Hong
  • Amy Beeston
  • James Baker

Should I cite the software

Motivating Idea, source code and webpage and video.

Team members:

  • Michael R. Crusoe
  • Louise Brown
  • Dmitrijs Milajevs
  • Iza Romanowska

Research Portfolios driven by ORCID, customized by users + Altmetric Narrative Creator

Motivating Idea and source code and video.

Team members:

  • Niall Beard
  • Raniere Silva
  • Olivia Guest
  • Melodee Beals
  • Jens Nielson
  • Benjamin Laken
  • Heather ford

Lesson Pre-requisite Manager

Motivating Ideademo and video.

Team members:

  • Swithun Crowe
  • Larisa Blazic

Crediting closed-community software

Motivating Idea and source code. and video.

Team members:

  • Laurence Billingham
  • Mayeul d'Avezac
  • Martin Hammitzsch
  • Steve Harris
  • Craig MacLachlan

Open Source Software Guidelines

Motivating Idea and video.

Team members:

  • Mateuz Kuzak
  • Steve Crouch

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