CW17 Lightning talks

A lightning talk gives you two minutes (and one slide or video) to discuss a subject. Lightning talks are the perfect way to introduce yourself at the workshop.

You could talk about your work, an idea, a problem, a pitch for the CW Hackday or anything that's related to software and research, and ideally related to the software credit theme of CW17; alternatively you could focus on one of the sub-themes of collaborative working, data/code sharing,reproducible research or data science.

How quick is lightning?

Lightning is pretty quick: two minutes. You are also allowed only one slide or video. Neither slide nor video should require any interaction once put up or started. You'll be presenting alongside a countdown timer, so you'll have to keep to time. However, it's amazing how much you can present in two minutes.

Lightning talks top tips

If you are preparing a lightning talk for CW17 please take a read of our handy tips. Remember CW17 is going to attract people who are interested in both software and research, so tailor your talk to meet their needs.

Lightning talks