CW17 Collaborative and Hackday Ideas

The Collaborative Ideas session is used to get people talking about their work. You can discuss the work you're doing, work you would like to do, or problems you are facing. Other people in the group can then talk about how they could help get your new project off the ground, or help solve the problem you are facing.  This is an excellent way of generating projects Ideas for the Hackday.

Do you want your collaborative idea to make it to the Hackday?

Some ideas are so good that they simply need to be realised. This is where the Hackday comes in: at the end of the Collaborative Ideas session, you can state whether your idea should be pitched during the Hackday.

If you want your idea to be submitted to the Hackday, someone in your group must nominate themselves as the Hackday Idea Proposer (the person who will pitch the idea at the start of the Hackday in an attempt to attract a team to work on the idea). The Hackday idea proposer must put their name and email address in the appropriate fields of the Ideas form (see below for detail). If these fields are left blank, the idea will not be carried through to the Hackday.

Which group am I in?

First of all, find out which group you are in, and which room you will be using:

  • Page 2 of the printed agenda (28 March, 11:45am to 12.45pm)
  • For the Collaborative ideas session templates need to be filled in by 12.50pm latest to allow for printing.

What to do at the Collaborative Ideas session

Once you arrive at your room:

  1. Introduce yourselves!
  2. Select a Chair and a Scribe
  3. Take it in turns to introduce something about your work that is important to you. It can be anything: a new project you want to get started, a policy that you want to see adopted, the skeleton of a concept that you want flesh out, a tool that you want built, a problem that you face - anything! If it's on your mind and you think discussing it with a group of leading researchers and software developers could help, then this is the place to discuss it.
  4. Make a decision about which idea is most likely to be taken forward. Selecting only one idea can be very difficult! (Even if your idea isn't taken forward during the session, you can submit it yourself later during the workshop).
  5. Request a 'Collaborative Idea / Hack day idea' template and help the scribe complete it.

Notes for the Scribe

There are notes in the templates you receive, you can follow them to help you structure your Idea (please stay in the limits prescribed - we won't print out more than the limits). You can get rid of help text once you no longer need it.

Some information about the Hackday

The Hackday is not limited to the ideas that came from the Collaborative Ideas sessions: anyone can suggest a hack by requesting a template and filling it out before 5.30pm on 28 march 2017; they must be ready to pitch the idea though.

Hackday - pitching an idea

If you are the Hackday idea proposer, or part of a team who wishes to work on an idea during the Hackday, you will need to put together a pitch. The pitching session takes place on Tuesday 28 March starting at 19.00. The pitch should:

  • Last three minutes in total
  • Be clear about the problem you aim to solve and the way in which the solution will be realised
  • Be clear about the skills you think the group needs
  • Should be of the right scale that 3-6 people can make some headway within 18 hours
  • Be clear about the benefit and impact of the idea to attract people to join your group!

Ideas mean prizes

Not all ideas from the collaborative ideas session will go on to be used in the Hackday, but there will be a prize for the best Collaborative ideas regardless of whether they makes it to the Hackday. All the ideas will be printed and added to a poster board. Anyone at the workshop can vote for their favourite idea.

Where do I submit, and where can I see the submissions?