Emma Karoune

Emma KarouneI am an archaeobotanist by training and that did not involve any coding at all! So I am totally self-taught in my computer coding skills and have been trying to upskill myself in the different coding languages that I need for my research. I currently work at The Alan Turing Institute as a Community Manager and I also lead a project at Historic England about implementing the FAIR data principles. I am a core-contributor to The Turing Way, which is a guide about reproducible research for data scientists and I help to run workshops about different aspects of this project and have written chapters about Github for beginners and writing for wider audiences. I am also an SSI Fellow striving to make research more inclusive and sustainable. 

Project title: Reproducing analysis and data visualizations in R on a project that had used Excel

What I'm working on with Jamie:

Initially we had picked one fairly simple figure from a previous study of mine to redo in R. This has involved setting up the project to link to Github, reading in the csv file, transforming the data table, doing calculations and then visualizing this data. We have got on well with this so I'm hoping to now go on to redo several of the figures and then eventually do all of them so that I can add these scripts to the research compendium for this project.

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