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Abhishek Dasgupta

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Abhishek Dasgupta

Abhishek Dasgupta

SSI fellow

University of Oxford

University of Oxford


I’m interested in improving software sustainability, software development productivity and reproducibility of research software through training and outreach. Other than my work in research software engineering, I apply novel machine learning and network science techniques to problems in computational social science and political science.

My work

I work as a Research Software Engineer within the Research Software Engineering group at the University of Oxford. As an RSE, I get the opportunity to work on interesting research projects in the university and encourage the adoption of best practices such as unit testing and reproducibility. Currently, I am part of the engineering team at Global.health, a multi-disciplinary collaborative project that is developing a repository and visualization platform enabling open access to real-time epidemiological anonymized line-list data. Previously, I have contributed to LanguageScreen, a platform that assesses language skills in primary school children and informs intervention studies.

Prior to my current role as a research software engineer, I did my DPhil in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, before moving to a postdoctoral position in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford. I have continued my association with the Department of Politics and International Relations, collaborating with researchers on projects such as political polarization in social media and developing a measure of significance for legislation.

As part of this Fellowship, I want to explore how we can know our tools (linters, debuggers, editors) better, which will improve the experience of developing research software, as well as making it easier to develop correct, well-tested software

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