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Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke

SSI fellow

Durham University

Durham University


I'm interested in improving the quality of research software, including promoting sustainable software practice and reproducibility, and training researchers in best practice.

My work

Before working as a Research Software Engineer, I spent over 15 years working as a software engineer in Industry, in various sectors, mostly working on web and mobile development but also doing small amounts of infrastructure work. I joined Durham University as an RSE in September 2019. Since then I have worked on projects in several domains, including Psychology (updating the DREX app for sufferers of partial visual loss), Physics (working on, Education (agent-based modelling of a classroom) and Music (post-processing the output from a pose estimation library). In 2020-21 I was part of the programme committee for SORSE (International Series of Online Research Software Events). I have also given and assisted with training courses on software development within Durham University. I plan to use my Fellowship to focus more on training researchers in sustainable software practices, by creating domain-specific paths to software sustainability training.

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