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Allen Pope

Allen Pope

SSI fellow

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge


Glaciology, remote sensing (satellite imagery and altimetry), recent glacier & ice cap change, data integration, polar research, career development, education & outreach, and tweeting @PopePolar

Research Profile

I am interested in understanding changes to glacier surfaces and what that means for their future change and behaviour.

My PhD research takes advantage of the increased spatial and spectral resolution of the Airborne Thematic Mapper (ATM) relative to Landsat ETM+ imagery in order to develop a more effective method for classifying glacier zones. Field research collecting in situ reflectance of various glacial surfaces with a field spectroradiometer in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard and Langjökull, Iceland is a crucial component. These data serve as a starting point for understanding the best way to work with the remote sensing data. This method can be used to understand changing glacier melt, hydrology, biodiversity, and more.

Ongoing research begun during my MPhil is centred on using photoclinometry to interpolate an incomplete LiDAR survey of Langjökull Icecap, Iceland and using the resulting data set to investigate how the icecap has evolved over the last decade. Findings included a revised mass balance of the icecap, visualization of a recent surge of outlet Hagafellsjökull Eystri, and potential clues as to the future behaviour of the icecap.
In my research, I use a wide range of software tools – both proprietary and open source – to process, analyse, and present data. 

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