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Aman Goel

SSI fellow

Open Life Science


  • Research Software Engineering
  • Open Science
  • Ethics of Technology
  • Sustainability

My work

I am a recent Computer Science and Mathematics graduate from the University of Delhi. Over the past couple of years, I have gained experience with research software in particle physics as an IRIS-HEP fellow. Currently, I am working on the project ‘The Undergraduate's Guide To Research Software Engineering’ (TUG-RSE) as a part of Open Life Science's 6th Cohort. As a part of the same, I am developing the project by applying open science principles to provide an open-source, dynamic, and accessible collection of resources on Research Software Engineering to undergraduates and newcomers. I am also a member of RSE Asia’s Code of Conduct team and a certified Carpentries instructor.

During my fellowship, I aim to develop TUG-RSE further and conduct an RSE workshop for newcomers. Furthermore, I hope to leverage the SSI community to better understand the RSE landscape across different organisations to build better resources for students.

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