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Aman Goel

Aman Goel

SSI Fellow

University of Manchester

I am a Research Software Engineer at the University of Manchester, with a background in computer science and mathematics. After receiving my undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi in 2022, I joined the University of Manchester RSE team in 2023. Prior to this, I was a part of the Princeton Research Computing group at the IRIS-HEP Software Institute, where I worked on research software in particle physics.

I am an Open Life Science project leader and a Carpentries instructor. I am passionate about open science and regularly deliver training workshops. My research interests include software sustainability, open-source software and community building.

I worked on the project ‘The Undergraduate's Guide To Research Software Engineering’ (TUG-RSE) as a part of Open Life Science's 6th Cohort. As an extension to the same, I am developing the project to provide an open-source, dynamic, and accessible collection of resources on Research Software Engineering to undergraduates and newcomers.

During my fellowship, I am developing TUG-RSE further as well as fostering a new Research Software Community at the University of Manchester. I hope to leverage the SSI community to better understand the RSE landscape across different organisations to build better communities.

ORCID: 0000-0003-3567-2096

Fields of expertise: Research Software Engineering, Open Science, Community Building

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