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Anna-Maria Sichani

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Anna-Maria Sichani

Anna-Maria Sichani

SSI fellow

University of Sussex & Sussex Humanities Lab


My research interests include literary, cultural and media history, cultural and social aspects of media(l) changes, born-digital archives, digital scholarly editing and publishing of historical assets, scholarly communication, research infrastructures and digital pedagogy. I am passionate about openness, transparency, reproducibility and inclusivity in research environments and workflows.

My work

I am currently a Post Doc Research Fellow in Media History and Historical Data Modelling, at the Department of Media, Film and Music at University of Sussex and Sussex Humanities Lab, working on the AHRC-funded ‘Connected Histories of the BBC’ project. Previously, I held a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship as an Early Stage Researcher affiliated with the Digital Scholarly Editing Initial Training Network (DiXiT), based at Huygens ING and a PhD Research Fellowship at King’s Digital Lab. I am currently serving at the Editorial Board and as guest editor of The review journal for digital editions and resources and I am member of the Editorial board and the Education Manager at The Programming Historian. I have collaborated with a number of Digital Humanities projects such as COST Action “Distant Reading for European Literary History” (CA16204), Transcribe Bentham, DARIAH-GR - DYAS etc.

My research, work experience and expertise revolve toward the materiality and its relationship to the digital and more generally the entanglements of technology with cultural and literary production and the public sphere and my skills include data modelling, encoding and digital publication of historical materials, digital scholarly editing, data architecture and analysis.

Throughout my research and work practice I have developed and I am actively promoting a comprehensive approach towards research software in the Humanities - from developing, reusing, evaluating to integrating and teaching software - and I seek to communicate this approach through various initiatives, workshops, and communication channels. I am also a keen advocate of open scholarship in Humanities disciplines for all aspects of scholarly communication, from academic publications, data management, code documentation and sharing practices as well as workflows.

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