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Boris Adryan

Boris Adryan

SSI fellow

Royal Society University Research Fellow, Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, University of Cambridge


These include genomics and computational biology, machine learning and data integration across types and scales, open access and also hardware tinkering and contributing to open source projects, developing teaching materials for young people and the Internet of Things


Boris Adryan is a research group leader at the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre and Course Director for Computational Biology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (University of Cambridge). He deals with “small and big data” in molecular biology. His research interests revolve around gene regulation and how gene activity programmes are coordinated during animal development.

Looking back at almost 15 years in computational biology, his job changed from making sense of one gene to making sense of ten thousand genes, and from fighting for one of the first CD-ROMs with the fly genome sequence to downloading ten thousand human genomes over the internet. His research focuses on data integration and machine learning and is largely enabled by a community that has very early recognised the importance of data standards, data sharing, meta-data and ontologies.

In 2014 he founded thingslearn Ltd. with the aim of bringing established computational biology strategies into the Internet of Things. While an “aim” is not a viable business model, frequent conference invitations give him the opportunity to tell industry and government how they should adapt data sharing models established a decade ago in the biosciences.

In his spare time, Boris enjoys teaching all groups coding, quantitative thinking and reproducibility.

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