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Colin Sauze

Colin Sauze

SSI fellow

National Oceanography Centre

National Oceanography Centre


  • Research Software Engineering
  • Robotics, Sensors and Embedded Systems
  • High Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Training

My work

I am a Senior Research Software Engineer in the Ocean Informatics Group at the National Oceanography Centre. I run a small team of RSEs who work across the organisation to help with writing. I'm also involved with running a lot of training, mostly in the form of Carpentries workshops.

My background to get to this point in my career has taken me through a number of vaguely related areas. I started out studying Software Engineering as an undergraduate where I spent a year on an industrial placement at Hewlett Packard working on high performance computing. Since then i've done a PhD on biologically inspired power management for robot sailing boats, attempted to cross the Atlantic ocean with a robot sailing boat, helped food and water security researchers build an online research hub, built robots for surveying calving glaciers in Greenland, worked as a systems administrator for a ""Robot Scientist"", developed and run training courses for industry on cyber security, continuous integration and Arduino programming, taught undergraduates about open source development and ubiquitous computing and worked as the Data Manager at a national facility doing automated high throughput plant phenotyping. I went on to get my first official RSE job in 2017 working on the Supercomputing Wales HPC project at Aberystwyth University.

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