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Cyril Pernet

Cyril Pernet

SSI fellow


I obtained PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Toulouse III in France in 2004 working on neurodevelopmental disorders using MRI, functional MRI and EEG. I followed my studies with a post-doc fellowship from the Fyssen Foundation to work in Finland on reading using MEG. I then moved to UK in 2006, working in Glasgow as post-doc research assistant, working on auditory (voice) processing using fMRI and EEG and, in 2007, joined the Brain Research Imaging Center in Edinburgh, as fMRI lead for SINAPSE and became senior academic fellow at Edinburgh Imaging. In 2021, I joined the Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet in Denmark, now doing full time programming and data science. A lot of my work is around methodological development that allows neuro-imaging to be shared (data curation, data security, repositories, etc) but also data analysis pipelines.

ORCID: 0000-0003-4010-4632

Fields of expertise: Brain Imaging, Neuroscience

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