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Geraint Palmer

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Geraint Palmer

Geraint Palmer

SSI fellow

Cardiff University


I am interested in stochastic modelling, especially queueing theory and stochastic simulations. In particular I am interested in applying these tools, along with data analysis, to aid in the management of healthcare systems.

My work

I am a teaching associate at Cardiff University's School of Mathematics. My role is to provide Welsh medium mathematics education at the school, along with mathematics support. I am also completing my PhD in applied stochastic modelling, and am a member of the Operational Research group at the school.

My research interests lie in queueing theory and stochastic simulations. Specifically I apply these techniques for the evaluation and modelling of healthcare systems, working with local health boards. In this way, now pathways or hospital configurations can be evaluated cheaply, without costly reconfigurations to the real world system. This involves heavy use of data analysis to gain an understanding of the systems, for which I use Python.

The PhD work also involves the development of an open source Python library for conducting discrete event simulations of queueing networks. This library provides an alternative to the GUI heavy commercial simulation software that is commonly used in the field, and do no lend themselves well to reproducible models. My work aims to make this possible by using a library that makes simulation models readable, testable, version controllable, and reproducible.

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