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Ginestra Ferraro

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Ginestra Ferraro

Ginestra Ferraro

SSI fellow

King's Digital Lab, King's College London

King's Digital Lab, King's College London


  • Making digital platforms accessible to a wider audience through user experience, user interface design and good web practices.
  • I'm interested in how designers define their responsibilities within RSE contexts and how teams can improve collaboration across different roles.

My work

I was born professionally as graphic designer and art director in the traditional media, but moved to web communication few years in. I can't say I had a plan to join Academia, I knew I wanted to work in a Research&Development environment and that happened when I became part of King's Digital Lab when it was established in 2015. I am now a Senior Research Software UI/UX Designer (a mouthful that is often shortened to RS UI/UX Designer!). My work revolves mainly around Digital Humanities and the wider Arts&Humanities research projects, but also Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences and occasionally with Mathematics and Informatics.

I design interactive data visualisations, search dashboards and more, working closely with the rest of the team.

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