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Hans Fangohr

Hans Fangohr

SSI fellow

Professor, Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton


  • Computational modelling methodology, and applied computer simulation, including software engineering for computational science and engineering and high performance computing.
  • Exploring,researching and using technologies at the border between computer science and computational science.
  • Keen teacher, with desire to help others to carry out software related research more effectively.

My work

I am interested in the use of software for research, in particular in the development and use of simulation and data analysis software to complement and support analytical and experimental work. The overall ambition is to allow scientists to carry out computational work more effectively.

Of particular fascination are the processes and tools that are used to develop software for computational science: this is a field located at the boundary between computer science and the application domains. My interests include the use of best practice from computer science to support computational science, and which allow us to produce better and more sustainable software. We need to research which techniques, methods and tools work well for computational scientists and engineers, most of which have no formal training in computer science.

In the use of software for research, in particular simulation and data analysis tasks, I am interested in suitable user interfaces that provide the scientists great flexibility, but at the same time allow reproducible science and analysis.

In addition to developing software for research, I am also a user of simulation software, with resulting publications on advanced research domains such as nanomagnetism, superconductivity, chemistry and engineering.

I have developed teaching materials to teach effective computational science to engineers and other non-computer scientists. I am directing the UK's Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling, and am chairing EPSRC's scientific advisory committee on High Performance Computing.

Online Presence

My home page hosts a blogpublications, occasional tweets from ProfCompMod and other information.

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