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Iain Barrass

Iain Barrass

SSI fellow

University of Glasgow

In July 2022 I moved to the University of Glasgow to found and lead an RSE group in the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences. The group aims to support research staff and students across all schools of the college.  A significant part of my role covers RSE outreach and promotion of development best practices.

For software that I develop, which I still manage even as a group leader, I have a preference for using Fortran.  I aim to show that it's possible to write good quality and modern Fortran code for practical research.  Related to this, I encourage appropriate maintenance and development of so-called legacy code, so that researchers can reliably use and build on previously established software products.

I'm involved in teaching programming and software development skills, including as a Software Carpentry instructor.  Some teaching previously had been a joint undertaking with Research Software London, a regional RSE community.

My previous research experience is in mathematical biology and computational epidemiology.

From June 2018 and to July 2022 I led the RSE group at Queen Mary University of London.

ORCID: 0000-0002-6823-1900

Fields of expertise: Reproducibility; quality assurance; high performance computing

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