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Kayla Lacovino

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Kayla Lacovino

Kayla Lacovino

SSI fellow

NASA Johnson Space Center


Volcanology and experimental petrology, experimentally recreating volcanic systems to understand deep magmatic processes and volcanic plumbing systems, active volcano monitoring


I study volcanoes from the inside out. Using high-pressure and high-temperature instrumentation in the laboratory, my research focuses on understanding the deep volcanic processes that are the origins of the volcanic activity we see on the earth's surface. A better understanding of these dynamic geochemical processes helps us to understand how volcanoes work -- the chemistry of their lavas, the composition of the gasses they release into the atmosphere, the impacts of eruptions on local and global populations, and what makes them erupt in the first place. By combining lab-constrained geochemical data with in situ measurements of real, active volcanoes, we can better understand the impacts of volcanoes on our world in the past, present, and future. Making the link between surface and subsurface means we can better interpret data from active volcano monitoring in order to understand what our observations tell us about concurrent volcanic activity. I use sustainable research software to combine data from different sources and analyze measurements taken at active volcanoes and in the lab.

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