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Kieran Didi

Kieran Didi

SSI fellow

Cambridge University


  • Machine Learning for the Sciences
  • Coding
  • Protein Design and Engineering
  • Reproducible ML
  • Translational Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship
  • Writing & Reading (especially Fantasy!)
  • Handball

My work

Kieran Didi is a master's student in Computational Biology at Cambridge University and currently a ML research intern at the EMBL-EBI, working on making machine learning applications to biology (especially proteins) more robust and reproducible.

He is also working as a ML and bioinformatics consultant for PTNG Consulting and as an AI Venture Fellow for Hummingbird Ventures.

Before starting his masters degree, Kieran worked as a Software Engineering Intern at CSIRO Sydney building cloud-native bioinformatic pipelines. In his undergrad at Cambridge and Heidelberg he worked on new methods for protein engineering and analysis, both experimental and computational.

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