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Laurence Billingham

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Laurence Billingham

Laurence Billingham

SSI fellow

British Geological Survey (NERC)

My research group is unusual. Globally, we are judged against publication-based metrics; locally, as supporters of software-services and generators of commercial income. Nominally scientific researchers, commercial software tasks absorb almost all time. We provide references for direction finding and monitor hazardous space weather. Both are based upon in-house software which is brittle, error-prone, costly to support, and written without sustainability in mind. Our published research is based on this same software.

My day-to-day involves service continuity and fixing bugs. I campaign to erode the legacy code-base, with more robust software and advocate for an output-mindset in respect of code.

ORCID: 0000-0002-5858-1579

Fields of expertise: Geomagnetism: direction finding, space weather, machine learning, inverse problems

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