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Leandro Liborio

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Leandro Liborio

Leandro Liborio

SSI fellow

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - STFC - UKRI

My scientific interests revolve around the use of computer software to model: (a) physical phenomena and (b) the results of large scale experiments such as muon, neutron and x-ray experiments.  Besides my scientific interests, I am also interested in science policy and science journalism.

I am a member of the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group working at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, in Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK. My research group works together with a number of scientific communities in the development, deployment, maintenance and training of computational modelling codes.

I am currently working on research projects in collaboration with the muon spectroscopy community. Muon spectroscopy is a powerful experimental technique that has the ability to probe the atomic local structure and magnetic environment in different materials. Some of the application areas include unconventional superconductivity, quantum magnetism, semiconductor physics and charge transport.

I am also working on the implementation of computational solutions to process the workflows associated to large scale scientific experiments.

Before joining the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group, I worked in a few different areas:

Science Policy:
Briefly worked as Scientific Advisor for the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.

Intellectual Property:
Prior to my work at the Blavatnik School, I worked as trainee patent attorney and patent assistant at two British patent law firms. As part of my patent work, I obtained a postgraduate certificate in Intellectual Property from Queen Mary University of London.

Before joining the patent profession, I worked as a Research Associate at Imperial College London, where I was part of the London Centre for Nanotechnology. I was mostly involved in large multidisciplinary projects related to the computational modelling nanostructured materials for energy applications.

Science Journalism:
In parallel with my work as a research associate at Imperial College, I worked as an editor and freelance science writer for Form and Content Media Limited, a London-based media company. My job included re-writing, editing, proofing and formatting expert-written articles in the areas of Nanotechnology, Alternative Energies, Illumination and Displays, and Optical Design and Engineering.

ORCID: 0000-0003-2777-5167

Fields of expertise: Computational modelling for nanomaterials and for supporting large scale experiments.  Use of computing platforms to process workflows associated to scientific experiments

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