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Leonardo Uieda

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Leonardo Uleda

Leonardo Uieda

SSI Fellow

Universidade de São Paulo


I am a geophysicist specializing in the development of methods for determining the inner structure of the Earth from geophysical observations, mainly disturbances in the Earth's gravity and magnetic fields. As part of my research, I develop open-source projects (mostly in Python) for geophysical modelling and data analysis (Fatiando a Terra: https://www.fatiando.org) and visualization (PyGMT: https://www.pygmt.org).

My work

I am currently Professor of Geophysics at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, and the leader of the Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab. Our research makes heavy use of open-source software. The lab develops and maintains the Fatiando a Terra project, a collection of Python libraries for the Geosciences along with some general purpose tools. For a CV and career summary, see my personal website.

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