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Nikoleta Glynatsi

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Nikoleta Glynatsi

Nikoleta Glynatsi

SSI fellow

PhD student, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University


I am interested in Game Theory and how we can monitor the behavior of rational agents using the famous example of the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. Also Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Software Development!

My work 

My research is in the field of game theory and machine learning. In particular, I will be focusing on the Prisoner's Dilemma (PD).

An abundance of research has been conducted on the PD, mainly to understand the evolution of cooperative behavior between rational agents and how it can emerge from complex dynamics.

The aim of my PhD is to analyse the PD in all its different forms using modern Machine Learning techniques. This will not only help us understand interactions that affect the evolution of cooperative behavior, but also enable us to develop new strategies.

I am a contributor to an open source python library, Axelrod, which is a library that aims to make the research on the PD reproducible. 

Furthermore,  I believe that research is a relay race. Making sure that research source code is reproducible is an enormous advantage, which will accelerate the findings and breakthroughs in various areas of research. Due to this, promoting sustainable software practice is my main goal and priority as a research student and an SSI Fellow. 

Online Presence

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