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Pablo Bernabeu

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Pablo Bernabeu

Pablo Bernabeu

SSI fellow

UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Software: R, online data dashboards, virtual environments. Science: cognitive psychology and neuroscience, psycholinguistics, open data, reproducibility.

My work

I did a master's in Psycholinguistics and research methods, and now I'm doing a PhD in Cognitive Psychology. Most of my current research focusses on the linguistic and sensorimotor bases of semantic processing, and more particularly, on the role of individual differences. That is, I investigate how words are processed in the brain based on word-to-word relationships as well as associations to perception, motion, and emotions, and how each of those systems in turn depends on further cognitive systems and life habits. I'm also a graduate teaching assistant, and a supporter of open science and open source. My software experience so far has revolved around R, which I use in statistical analysis, online data dashboards (drawing on R packages such as 'shiny', 'flexdashboard', 'plotly', and 'knitr', as well as HTML and CSS code), and Binder environments. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to boost access to research data for fellow researchers and the public at large. Indeed, I'm also a fan of citizen science, which allows people to examine and analyse publicly available data. All these strands will feature in my fellowship project, through the delivery of workshops, coding contributions, and blog posts.

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