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Sammie Buzzard

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Sammie Buzzard

Sammie Buzzard

SSI fellow

University College London


Glaciology, ice shelves, snow, sea ice, mathematical modelling, satellite observations

My work

My background is in Mathematics, I gained a first class Master's degree from the University of Exeter before moving to the University of Reading's Department of Meteorology for my PhD. This involved creating a mathematical model of surface melt lakes on Antarctic ice shelves which are important as they are thought to be linked to sudden ice shelf collapse. I am currently working in my first research post at UCL's Earth Sciences Department, focussing on snow on Arctic sea ice from satellite observations.

As former president and current committee member of the UK Polar Network, a group of early career polar scientists, I hope to use the fellowship to improve software use in the cryosphere community, especially among early career scientists.

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