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Sorrel Harriet

Sorrel Harriet

SSI fellow



I am interested in finding out what can help research software development teams work together more effectively.

My work

I have recently left my role in academia to join a tech startup called Armakuni as Continuous Learning Lead. At Armakuni my main function is to assist teams in creating the continuous learning culture which can effectively support continuous delivery. This involves figuring out how best to measure and evaluate learning culture, as well as planning and facilitating opportunities for growth.

Prior to joining Armakuni I was a senior lecturer at Leeds Trinity University where I led their BSc Computer Science programme. Other past experiences have included web development roles; a PhD in virtual acoustics; lecturing at Birkbeck and Goldsmiths Colleges (UoL); and a few short stints as an RA, primarily developing web-based research software.

All of these experiences have contributed to my strong interest in research software development practices in academia. I am keen to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what people are working on and how they are working (i.e. their project management processes, software development methodologies etc.) I am also keen to understand how the academic context differs from industry as I believe it could be an important precursor to identifying better ways of working, and, in particular, better ways of collaborative working.

I hope that my work with Armakuni, along with the Agile coaching and facilitation training I am undertaking with my Fellowship funds, will enable me to make a positive contribution within the research software community.

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