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Stuart Grieve

Stuart Grieve

SSI fellow

University College London


Professionally, my role as a research software developer allows me to combine my passions for geoscience research and computational techniques. I am particularly interested in how the development and implementation of open source software can facilitate reproducible research in the geosciences.

My work

My research aims to develop an understanding of how signals of change, such as those driven by tectonics or the environment, manifest in the surface morphology of the Earth and other planetary bodies. In particular, I aim to bridge the gap between numerical models, remotely sensed data and field observations and I conduct such research through the development of open source software which facilitates reproducible analysis, with a particular focus on the processing of high resolution remotely sensed topographic data. Such software allows repeatable experiments to be performed on both terrestrial and planetary landscapes, at a range of scales spanning individual hillslopes to continental scale features. I am also interested in the application of cutting edge GIS and computer science techniques to enhance surface process research, through the analysis of complex spatial information combined with novel data collection approaches.

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