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Tom Russell

Tom Russell

SSI fellow

University of Oxford

I work as a Senior Research Software Engineer embedded in a research group in the University of Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment, the Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems. I work closely with researchers on water, energy, transport and other infrastructure systems, developing simulation models, spatial data analysis and visualisations.

During my fellowship, I aimed to work with people interested in collaborative data maintenance, that is, working together to collect and maintain data - in particular, in this case, data about buildings and the built environment. I worked in collaboration with the Colouring Cities Research Programme, which is now a network with a UK hub in London at the Alan Turing Institute, and ten or more projects in cities and countries around the world.

I started out with a degree in English Literature and French and worked as a translator and web developer for a few years before studying part-time for a masters degree from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in University College London and starting to work as a research assistant and research software developer.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0081-400X

Fields of expertise: maps, graphs and trees; collaborative data maintenance; reproducible research, openness and accessibility; infrastructure systems, sustainability and climate risk

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