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Vincent Knight

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Vincent Knight

Vincent Knight

SSI fellow

School of Mathematics, Cardiff University


I am interested in stochastic processes and queueing theory. Some particular interests include applications to real life situations such as healthcare but also the iterated prisoner's dilemma.


I am part of a research group at Cardiff that applies particular mathematical techniques to real world problems (this is called Operational Research). Some examples of the work I have done include modelling game theoretic choice of hospitals by patients and also modelling the queue for ambulance services.

I mainly use Python for my modelling work, taking advantage of the fact that it's an object oriented language, to be able to quickly write agent based models of interaction. I then use these models to:

1. Run "what if" scenarios (for example, helping hospital managers answer questions like: "what would happen if I moved some beds from this ward to that ward?").

2. Validate analytical results for theoretical purposes and/or to run similar "what if" scenarios at a lower computational cost.

Another area of my research revolves around the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma.

This follows a 1980s computer tournament run by Axelrod. I am one of the core developers of the Axelrod python package which aims to make research in this area easier and importantly reproducible.

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