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Yadira Sánchez

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Yadira Sanchez

Yadira Sánchez

SSI fellow

University of Southampton

University of Southampton


Collective collaboration; free, open-source and liberatory technologies and software; "tequiologies" (https://tequiologias.info/) ; just and accountable algorithmic systems.

My work

Currently doing a PhD and working as a software developer I see a direct connection between my rural Mexican upbringing and the types of technology I want to be a part of co-building.

I am enthusiastic about the ways in which our rural knowledge are situated, the local and land-based teachings. My aims are not of rapid production, but of an organic, slow-building of technologies that are more sustainable and accessible by also questioning why a technology should be built or not. I love creative coding and the free imagination that goes with it; also love sci-fi and dressing in many colours and textures; love many other things.

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