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As part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet, volunteer research software engineers mentored volunteer researchers using spreadsheets to help them learn a language of their choice and explore various ways of working with and moving beyond spreadsheets.

Each mentee wrote a blog post to report on their projects towards the end of the programme at the beginning of November - find the blog posts in the table below. 

We released the "Learning to Code at the Research Software Camps" podcast episode where we talked to our volunteers. The episode was published on the 9 November 2021 on the Code For Thought podcast run by Peter Schmidt. 

Volunteers and projects

Presented in alphabetical order.

Mentee Mentor Project Blog post
Rebecca Hamilton Heather Turner Introduction to R scripts and MatLab for biomechanics dataset integration and analysis Reading Human Biomechanics Data into R – by Rebecca Hamilton
Emma Karoune Jamie Quinn Reproducing analysis and data visualisations in R on a project that had used Excel Don't be afraid! Anyone can learn to code – by Emma Karoune 
Amirah Khan Sadie Bartholomew Manipulation of data stored in spreadsheets using Python tools Learning to code: my experience as a Psychology graduate - by Amirah Khan 
Yenn Lee Mario Antonioletti Below-the-line conversations: A computer-facilitated case study of Guardian reader comments Below-the-line conversations: A computer-facilitated case study of Guardian reader comments - by Yenn Lee 


We would like to thank all mentors for donating their time to this project. Without your help, the Learning to Code programme wouldn’t be able to happen. 

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