Call for reviewers of software skills survey

Posted by j.laird on 28 February 2022 - 10:30am
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We are looking for reviewers of a survey investigating software and skills for digital research infrastructures we are currently developing and would very  much appreciate your feedback during the first two weeks of March 2022.

The Software Sustainability Institute (as a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton and Dr Michelle Barker, Director of  the Research Software Alliance) is running an UKRI-funded study to better understand the software and skills required for research. Although the survey will  be open to those associated with research in any discipline, we are particularly looking for reviewers whose natural funder would be EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, or NERC to provide input on the language and questions (as we have already run surveys specific to the other UKRI research councils).

Reviewers will be given a list of questions to help with feedback which can be emailed back to us. The results will inform recommendations for the policies and support required for software, skills, and digital research infrastructures. We are aiming, in  particular, to understand the requirements and barriers from those traditionally underrepresented in research computing (if you have any ideas on how to reach those please let us know!).

Please get in touch with us ( if you are available in this time period and interested in helping us.

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