CarpentryCon @ Home begins next week

Posted by j.laird on 9 July 2020 - 2:00pm

CarpentryCon @ Home, July 14 - August 31As the in-person CarpentryCon had to be cancelled for this summer, the organisers still wanted to provide the Carpentries community with a chance to meet other members and learn from each other by moving content online.

CarpentryCon @ Home begins next week, starting with a keynote by Dr. Kari L. Jordan on 13 July and the first session on 14 July. A variety of sessions will be spread out over the next seven weeks - covering topics from lesson development, teaching/meeting online, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Here’s how you can experience CarpentryCon @ Home:

Choose sessions

Check out the schedule and pick the sessions that you would like to attend or (if recorded) watch afterward. You can see upcoming sessions on the Carpentries calendar, in the #calendar slack channel, and by adding to your own calendar.


Fill out the registration form and go to the main CarpentryCon @ Home etherpad to indicate your interest for your chosen sessions.

Connect to your community

Are you connected to a local or regional community of Carpentries instructors? Send an email around and see if anyone is interested in joining a particular session with you. If members of your local community attend different sessions, consider planning a discussion to debrief and share what you learned.

Stay in the loop

Join the #carpentrycon slack channel in the Carpentries slack organisation for discussion, and follow the #calendar channel for updates about events. If you are on the discuss list, there will be regular updates on the week’s programming sent to that list.

You can also always go to the CarpentryCon website or the “parent” etherpad to see what’s happening:


Volunteers are invited to serve as regional hosts who will be the main host or co-host/Code of Conduct (CoC) facilitators in each session. The regional hosts will be the point of contact for session leads and be present at one or two sessions as the main host to support the presenter(s) by managing Zoom and other meeting logistics. The co-host/CoC facilitators will be available as a CoC contact for the session participants and will support the regional host if needed. You can sign up here.

The task force will reach out with orientation details, but a summary of what is involved is available in this guide: Regional Host, Co-host/CoC Facilitators and Speakers Guide