Gigantum is Gold sponsor of Collaborations Workshop 2019

Posted by r.silva on 11 February 2019 - 1:38pm

The Software Sustainability Institute would like to thank Gigantum for becoming Gold sponsors of Collaborations Workshop 2019. The workshop will take place from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at Loughborough University in the West Park Teaching Hub, Loughborough. Have a look at the agenda for the event.

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Gigantum is an open core web-application that integrates popular data science work environments, like Jupyter, with a cloud based publishing & collaboration platform. Running locally on Docker Desktop, the MIT licensed Gigantum Client decentralises and simplifies the creation and sharing of computational & analytic research, better connecting end-users of different skill levels and resources. The Client automates and integrates the versioning and containerization of code, data and environments, thereby allowing end-users to create complex yet totally reproducible and portable work. Combined with the Gigantum Cloud, the Client allows one-click publishing for dissemination or multi-site collaboration. In addition, Gigantum acts as a platform for research software engineers to create robust, customised environments and tools for the researchers they support and obviates the need for a lot of infrastructure and repeated labor. Aimed at both researchers and their supporters, Gigantum makes the creation and sharing data science research and applications more cost efficient, sustainable, and open.