Have your say on Scholarly Infrastructures for Research Software

Posted by j.laird on 3 November 2020 - 9:30am

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European Open Science Cloud's (EOSC) document on Scholarly Infrastructures for Research Software is now open for public consultation.

EOSC's document dedicated to the future of scholarly infrastructures relevant for research software is open to public consultation until 10 November. Have your say by adding comments to the first draft which can be accessed online.

It addresses issues faced when archiving, referencing and describing (research) software source code, as well as giving proper credit to its authors. The document contains a wealth of information with clear examples from real world infrastructures, a broad panel of detailed use cases, and a roadmap for a future architecture of collaborating infrastructures leveraging common standards for metadata, and adopting widely intrinsic and extrinsic identifiers.

The document has been developed by the EOSC SIRS Task Force which brought together members of the EOSC Architecture working group and representatives of 9 established infrastructures that are already concretely confronted with these issues when handling (research) software: three archives, HAL, Zenodo and Software Heritage, three Open Access publishers, Dagstuhl, eLife and IPOL, and three aggregators, OpenAire, ScanR and swMath.

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