One month left to enter the hidden REF competition

Posted by j.laird on 16 April 2021 - 9:21am

Collage of images of different researchThe hidden REF is challenging preconceptions about which roles are important in research. Ensure that hidden work and hidden roles get the recognition they deserve by submitting entries to the competition by 14 May. 

The hidden REF will celebrate all research outputs and recognise everyone who contributes to their creation. It started with the categories of output used by the REF and suggestions  were added from the research community for new categories that have previously been overlooked.

Anyone who works in a UK research institution (e.g. universities and research laboratories) can submit to the hidden REF. Submissions comprise a 300 word summary of the person or output. The submissions will be judged by panels of experts drawn from the research community.

Find out more and enter your submissions on the hidden REF website.

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