Registration open for Research Software Camp workshop: Boost your research reproducibility with Binder

Posted by j.laird on 2 February 2021 - 2:15pm

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Photo by Sear Greyson on Unsplash

Registration is now open for the workshop “Boost your research reproducibility with Binder” by The Turing Way, as part of our Research Software Camp on research accessibility

The workshop will take place online on Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 10.00-16:30 GMT. Register for a place at the free workshop.

If you are looking for an easy way to share your code with others, without worrying about the computational environment they're running or installing a long list of requirements, then Binder might be the solution for you. Binder allows you to share your software with others in the form of a single clickable link, improving accessibility for users and removing the need for you to worry about supporting lots of different platforms.

During this free workshop, we will discuss reproducible computing environments and why they're important, show examples of others’ projects in and help you learn how to prepare a binder-ready project. At the end of the workshop you will be able to take some of your own content (in a R or Jupyter Notebook, or scripts that can be run in the terminal) and prepare it so that it can be used by others on

This workshop is for people who are:

  • Interested in software best practices;
  • Interested in reproducibility, containers, Docker or continuous integration;
  • Already familiar with R Markdown or Jupyter Notebooks;
  • Looking to communicate their research more effectively and make their research software more accessible.

Find out about other live sessions at the Research Software Camp webpage.

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