Reprohack Hub Launch

Posted by j.laird on 4 November 2021 - 9:30am

ReproHackBy SSI Fellow Anna Krystalli.

For all those interested in reproducibility and code review!

The ReproHack Core team in collaboration with the N8 CIR would love to invite you to celebrate with them on November 18 2021 the launch of our ReproHack Hub. 

Register for the launch here.

Reprohacks are one day hackathons providing a sandbox environment for practicing reproducible research. Authors submit papers with associated code and data for review. During events, participants attempt to reproduce submitted papers of their choice and feed back their experiences to authors by completing a review form. We spend time sharing and learning from the experiences of participants in the group and informal impromptu peer-to-peer training sessions often emerge! For example we’ve had Docker school, live demos of publishing to Zenodo and mentored contributions to open source projects. There will also be a talk by Esther Plomb, introducing the Turing Way community, a great resource to continue learning on these topics.

So if you would like friendly review on the reproducibility of your associated code and data, submit it to our ReproHack Hub paper list. If you want to get practical experience in reproducibility by working with other people’s materials, join us on the day

The ReproHack project was developed as part of Anna Krystalli's 2019 Software Sustainability Fellowship which enabled running the first few events and the formation of the core team. More details on the about page

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