SSI Fellow Dominic Orchard to co-direct new Institute of Computing for Climate Science

Posted by j.laird on 24 January 2022 - 10:00am
Dominic Orchard
SSI Fellow Dominic Orchard

The University of Cambridge is partnering with Schmidt Futures to deliver a new Institute of Computing for Climate Science which will be co-directed by SSI Fellow Dominic Orchard.

Dominic, who was part of the 2015 cohort of our Fellowship programme, will co-direct the new Institute which will support the application of the latest developments in computer science and data science to climate modelling. It has been established as part of the Schmidt Futures Virtual Institute of Scientific Software, a new network to address the growing demand for software engineers with backgrounds in science, complex-data and mathematics who can build dynamic, scalable, open software to facilitate accelerated scientific discovery across fields. 

The University of Cambridge's Institute of Computing for Climate Science will apply its existing expertise in climate sciences and artificial intelligence with the research teams from Schmidt Futures’ Virtual Earth Systems Research Institute to address the specific computation and research software needs in the area of climate modelling.

Find out more about the Institute.

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