Survey: a new initiative for data intensive bioscience

Posted by j.laird on 19 March 2021 - 9:30am

ELIXIR UK logoDo you produce, use or handle life science data in a research institute? As the amount of data produced in bioscience is growing rapidly, would it be beneficial if a new data sustainability initiative is set up to support the UK research community, to be funded across UKRI?

ELIXIR-UK currently support the life science research community to manage data (discover, distribute, analyse, and store), exchange expertise and agree on standard approaches, as part of an intergovernmental organisation.

To address the need for a UK data research infrastructure, funded by UKRI they are conducting a survey within the UK life science community on the need for additional support when working with data, and to study the feasibility of setting up a new initiative for data sustainability called BioFAIR. The aim is to provide the support, training and infrastructure the community requires in order to continue producing world class research, and to promote open and transparent data management practices. This would also benefit the exchange of open and FAIR data, from academic projects, to translational research, as an extension of ELIXIR-UK.

Complete the survey by 5 April on the current resources, skills and platforms you use, and the gaps where BioFAIR can provide solutions as part of the feasibility of study. It will take a maximum of 25 minutes to complete. Your participation will determine the future of BioFAIR and shape it to be a vital resource for the life science community and maximise the impact on data generated across the UK.

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